Arcwave Voy


It can be made as tight as a person desires!
The high-quality premium masturbator Voy from Arcwave has a Tightness Adjustment System for adjusting the pressure intensity. There is Clean Tech silicone inside that cushions the penis and adapts in a flexible way to the shape of the penis. The masturbator can be turned in 8 levels to vary how tight the penis is ‘held’ and how much pressure is used to stimulate it. This is how someone can enjoy a completely new, intense and pleasurable hand job!

The Voy is easy to hold thanks to its ergonomic shape. The masturbator is open at the back – perfect for longer penises and it also makes it easier to clean as well. The two protective lids stop it from getting dusty and they also help the masturbator look discreet – at home or on the go. The protective lids have air ducts so that the Voy can dry properly and quickly – this helps it stay in great condition.

*Masturbator with a Tightness Adjustment System
*8 turning levels for various pressure intensity
*Soft Clean Tech silicone inside
*Easy to use and hold
*Discreet look with 2 protective lids
*Open at the back – easy to clean
*Includes lubricant (10 ml)


Properties: For men

Colour: black
Material: Silikon, ABS


Length: 11,5 cm
Weight: 695 g


Width: 14.2 cm
Height: 9.6 cm
Length: 18.2 cm