Lisa Ann – Baracuda Fleshlight


With the Fleshlight Girls – Lisa Ann Barracuda you can experience what it’s like to have sex with Lisa Ann. The Lisa Ann Barracuda is an exact replica of her vagina. The inside of this Fleshlight has a unique structure. This makes this Fleshlight a Fleshlight collector’s item.

BARRACUDA STRUCTURE Barracuda is the newest structure from Fleshlight. This special structure consists of two chambers, both of which have a texture of bumps. The combination of bumps and strictures feels great during masturbation. Let yourself be pampered by this beautiful brunette and come to a delicious orgasm.

FLESHLIGHT TIPS Tip: The small cap at the end of the masturbator creates a suction force. When you open or close it tightly, the suction will increase or decrease.


  • Color skin pink
  • Material Superskin
  • Length 26 cm
  • Diameter 10 cm
  • Splash proof -Yes
  • Phthalate Free -Yes so no softeners


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